Adult books

Ant-nee's Golden Notebook


Mayhem and mix-ups follow Bruno Brunotaglia's murder of a hit man sent after him by a rival mob. Panic stricken, Bruno leaves behind a briefcase full of money and an important notebook. Two down-and-out friends find the briefcase and notebook, and Bruno needs them back before his father, head of the Philly mob, blows a gasket. Will Richard get to keep the briefcase of money he found with Strangler and the Indian hard on his trail? Can Clarence make hay from the information in the notebook? It's a battle of half-wits in this deadly game of hide and seek.

Beckoning Eternity


The culture of Guardon, a planet severe in its religious beliefs, faces upheaval due to a corps of rebels, who believe that the planet's religion simply masks the corruption and self-interest of those in power.

From Out the Shadowed Night


How far would you go to achieve revenge? Brian Martin committed an unspeakable crime and managed to escape responsibility for his act. Now, sixteen years later, not only do the effects of his crime rise up out of the past, but something much more deadly begins to haunt him as well.

Henny and Lloyd Private Eyes


Henny and Lloyd, age mid-twenties, have completed their online course in private detecting and are now licensed PIs. They’ve found an office on Centre Street in downtown NYC, a rundown apartment each in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and set out to make their dreams of crime-fighting come true. Henny especially loves the noir 1940s crime era and dresses the part. Double-breasted suits, fedora, toothpicks replacing the more lethal cigarettes of the era. Lloyd is equally dedicated, if less flamboyant. Attaining his current situation is especially gratifying to Lloyd since he had little encouragement from his family. When he told his father he planned to become a dick, his father replied that the only way he’d become a dick was if he changed his name to Richard. Lloyd was thankful the comment wasn’t any worse. Enjoy their first six cases as they set out to tackle crime in New York City.

Hobson's Planet


When Culp arrives on the Hobson’s Planet, he steps into a whirlwind of controversy and political upheaval. Against his will, Culp finds himself the designated savior to another planet. Having failed on Earth, he wants no part of another such quest. Now he must decide where his duty and his heart lie.

Lanyon for Hire


Three of Lanyon's adventures as an intergalactic gun-for-hire in the 23rd century. Meet Honna, a beautiful Malcosian woman with a long and gorgeous tail; Jophena, an 11-year-old with a spunky attitude; and Predamor, a Malcosian fellow who gets Lanyon into as much trouble as they both can handle.

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 2): Nemesis


Lanyon runs into trouble when he tries to keep a crucial memory disc out of the hands of a ruthless band of blackmailers.  If that isn’t bad enough, Jophena, an eleven-year-old Selenian girl and Lanyon’s traveling companion, turns what Lanyon expects to be a simple chore into an all out war.  Just when he thinks everything might turn out all right, the Vermenian blackmailers return to exact a vicious revenge on Lanyon.

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 3): Vengeance


Follow Lanyon as he attacks a planet-wide drug ring; joins up with his twelve-year-old Selenian friend Jophena to rescue a team of scientists from Tellurian marauders; and seeks vengeance on those responsible for the death of Honna, his Malcosian lover.

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 4): Contagion


What Lanyon hopes will be a simple trip to transport a prisoner who has been giving the Malcosian government trouble ends up in a deadly game of hide-and-seek after his scout cruiser is forced to crash land by the prisoner’s allies. Help comes from two very unlikely sources, but will their help be enough to get Lanyon out of some of the deepest trouble he has yet encountered? In the midst of his own problems, the life of Jophena, Lanyon’s 12-year-old Selenian friend, hangs by a thread at the mercy of Tellurians. Can Lanyon hold his own problems at bay long enough to get Jophena to safe ground?

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 5): Deception


Lanyon takes on the job of recovering a shipment of rators, weapons imported from Earth, which have gone missing from the spaceport. A not-so-merry chase begins as Lanyon has trouble detecting the true trail to follow from the false. Jophena, his 12-year-old friend from Selenia, tags along and the complications multiply. The Malcosian Over-minister then hires Lanyon to track down his daughter Meihon again, but Tellurians will have something to say about whether Meihon gets back home or not, and Lanyon soon regrets his decision to take on the assignment.

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 6): Retribution


Lanyon For Hire: No job is too tough to solve, no matter how many people get hurt.

They say most murders occur within families. Lanyon finds out how true that is as he steps into three family feuds that turn deadly quickly.

Lanyon for Hire (Vol 7): Treachery


Lanyon, everyone's favorite interplanetary gun-for-hire, is back in three exciting adventures.

Assassinations, kidnapping, and a diabolical plot set off by a former friend. Lanyon will need to be at the top of his game to come out of this alive.

Prayer Preyer


Fifty years of obstacles have kept Jerry Curtis from locating Father Lockhart. Now, he’s found the priest and is determined to take his revenge for the crime committed against him all those years ago.

The Collected Short Stories


A man buried alive; the extinction of a gloried species; the mingling of interstellar races; a mysterious amulet; a fearful child; an animal-loving old hag; the assassination of the Almighty. 21 stories of horror, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction certain to raise the hairs on your neck.


The Brunton Hag

The Amulet

The Small Voice

The Phantom Child

When the Guest Arrives

Only a Shadow

The Crone of Pitcairn Manor


The Burial


To the Rescue

The Best-Laid Plans

Born Again

A Day at the Circus

The Final Bullet


The Dungeon



Tabula Rasa


Henny and Lloyd’s First Case

Murder at the American Club

Belling the Cat

The Mystery of Charles Dickens: A Tale of Mesmerism and Murder


History records that on June 9, 1870, Charles Dickens died of a cerebral haemorrhage. History, however, is wrong. June 9, 1870, is the day on which Emile de la Rue murdered Charles Dickens. During a stay in Genoa in 1844-45, Charles Dickens, an accomplished mesmerist, used his mesmeric abilities to treat a young Englishwoman, Augusta de la Rue, attempting to cure a years' long malady of hers that included facial spasms and phantom-filled dreams. During her trances she revealed to Dickens a truth she had long suppressed--the knowledge that her husband murdered a rival so he could have her for himself. Dickens, at that time, was helpless to act on the devastating admission, but twenty-five years later Emile de la Rue shows up in London, and Dickens finally seeks justice. De La Rue cannot let this happen and stops at nothing to keep Dickens from revealing his secret.

The Sad Case of Brownie Terwilliger


Brownie Terwilliger looks at his opportunity to run for mayor of Philadelphia as a chance to right the wrongs of a city. He hopes to oust Milton Streezo, the incumbent, but Streezo does not take kindly to this challenge and concocts a plan to destroy Brownie, even hiring Lunky Ledbetter, famed perpetrator of dirty political tricks. Can Brownie withstand the onslaught? Will he have the opportunity to do some good in the world? Don’t bet on it.