Lanyon for Hire (Vol 3): Vengeance


Follow Lanyon as he attacks a planet-wide drug ring; joins up with his twelve-year-old Selenian friend Jophena to rescue a team of scientists from Tellurian marauders; and seeks vengeance on those responsible for the death of Honna, his Malcosian lover.

“Sit, Lanyon,” Jetsut ordered, and he took the other chair against the wall.  “Didn’t you think I knew an Earthman was looking for me?  Didn’t you think any Earthman who showed up in this part of the city would be suspect?  Not very smart, are you?”          

“Not very.  Where’s Pentry?”            

“Never mind Pentry.  I’m sure he’d like to be here, but he’s busy.  No, wait.  I’ll let him know.”  Jetsut took out his pocketmailer and, eyes darting down at the pocketmailer and then back up at Lanyon, he sent a message.  “I told him I caught you with another Malcosian woman.  You don’t learn, do you?”

“Are you going to hurt the woman I was with?”

“Of course not.  She’s earning planetcredits dealing with scum like you.  Your girlfriend, what was her name?  Ah, yes.  Honna.  She chose to associate with you.  Disgusting, don’t you think?  Ah, a reply.”            

Jetsut’s eyes darted up and down again.  He chuckled.          

“Pentry wants me to tell you good-bye.  But only after I remind you how much we enjoyed Honna’s company… ”

Lanyon sprang from his chair and dove toward the table.


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