From Out the Shadowed Night


How far would you go to achieve revenge? Brian Martin committed an unspeakable crime and managed to escape responsibility for his act. Now, sixteen years later, not only do the effects of his crime rise up out of the past, but something much more deadly begins to haunt him as well.

“Alison,” he whispered but caught himself. He felt the kneeler vibrate as a portly woman knelt beside him. Brian’s heart pounded. He could not turn his face away from the beautiful young girl. More of those damned flowers were clasped in her hands. Her long brown hair lay neatly against the pink satin pillow. They’d dressed her in gentle yellow. Brian studied her face. Perfect. As she had been. A voice, angry and repentant, screamed in his head. Get up, Alison! Brian’s breath came in short bursts. Get up! I’m sorry. Don’t be so still. The kneeler trembled again as an older man replaced the portly woman, and Brian realized he’d been kneeling too long. He rose. He’d seen enough. He’d seen what his selfishness and stupidity had caused.


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