Ant-nee's Golden Notebook


Mayhem and mix-ups follow Bruno Brunotaglia's murder of a hit man sent after him by a rival mob. Panic stricken, Bruno leaves behind a briefcase full of money and an important notebook. Two down-and-out friends find the briefcase and notebook, and Bruno needs them back before his father, head of the Philly mob, blows a gasket. Will Richard get to keep the briefcase of money he found with Strangler and the Indian hard on his trail? Can Clarence make hay from the information in the notebook? It's a battle of half-wits in this deadly game of hide and seek.

“What do you mean you shot somebody and there’s a problem with the money?  What the hell happened out there?”

Anthony’s face was as red as Carlo had ever seen it, and he’d witnessed any number of red-faced conversations between father and son.  He slipped his hand into his pocket and clutched his cell, ready to dial 911 for medical help if necessary.

“I couldn’t help it, Pop.  The guy they sent tried to whack me off.”

“What?” Bruno screamed.

“Tried to whack you off!  What kinda disgusting perverts The Fat Man got over there?”

“Yeah, Pop.  He wanted to whack me off, so I had to whack him off first.”

Anthony leaped up, slammed his palms onto his desk, and stared at his son in wide-eyed horror.  How well did he really know his boy?

“You whacked him off?”

Carlo took out his cell phone put his thumb on the 9.

“What the hell were you two sex-freak nut cases doing in that cemetery trying to whack each other off?  Oh, oh, oh.”  

Anthony slapped his right palm to his chest and took deep breaths.

Carlo interrupted.  “Bruno, Bruno.  Look, either he tried to whack you or he tried to off you.  I don’t think you mean he tried to whack you off.”  He made a hand gesture.

“Huh?  What?  No, of course not.  What you think I am?  He tried to shoot me.  I had to shoot him.  I didn’t shoot him, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Carlo gave Anthony a “see-it’s-not-so-bad” look and held out a calming hand.

Anthony rolled his neck and took deep breaths for a good fifteen seconds as Bruno stared at him.


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