The Adventures of the Lone Ranger


     Six Texas Rangers enter Bryant's Gap in pursuit of the Butch Cavendish Gang. Only one Ranger survives.
      The Lone Ranger and his loyal companion Tonto are on a quest to track down and bring to justice all five members of the outlaw Cavendish Gang, one by one. Along the way, they discover their help is need in righting so many more wrongs than they expect.
       The duo finds themselves assisting a young man wrongfully accused of crime, coming to the aid of a close friend of the Ranger's when he is targeted by bushwhackers intent on robbery, and helping to quell an Indian uprising. They deal with the kidnapping of a young woman, the lynching of a former slave, and a dishonest banker foreclosing a mortgage. All in the name of justice, and all leading to a return to Bryant's Gap for a final confrontation with Butch Cavendish.
       John Paulits's original portrayal of a timeless character is an action filled wild west adventure revealing new details on how The Lone Ranger got his name, his meeting with Tonto, the origin of his silver bullets, and the reason he wears the famous mask.
       Who is that masked man?

             CaptainDan Reid, leader of the Rangers, pulled rein. The others in his troop halted and went for their canteens, as Reid’s brother, younger by a dozen years,guided his horse alongside him.

           “Collins has been gone quite awhile,” the captain’s brother remarked.

           “We need to know whether Cavendish passed through this canyon. I suppose a gap through those rocks isn’t easy to locate. If Collins doesn’t find one, we’re licked.”

            “Cavendish must have found a way through.”

            “Doubtlesshe knows the trail better than we do. What is this place, I wonder?”

           “Collins referred to it as Bryant’s Gap, so there must be a gap… Wait. Is that…?”

           “Yes, I see him. Let’s hope he foundwhat we need.”

           Collins, a half-breed Mexican, took his time approaching.

           “What did you find, Collins?”Captain Reid asked. The other Rangers clustered around to learn whether they were going forward or returning home.

           “Good news. At the far end of theformation there’s a narrow split in the rocks. Room enough to pass through one by one. I went to the other side and saw a cloud of dust in the distance. I figure Cavendish knew about the gap—it’s not easy to find—and supposes you don’t, so he’s in no hurry. He didn’t count on your hiring me, though. Lucky you did.”

           Captain Reid’s squad capped their canteens and remounted. Collins led them into the narrow bowl of rocky ground,the jagged cliffs surrounding them mostly hidden in shadow. A stream gurgled somewhere ahead, and only the occasional squawk of a buzzard and the jangle ofthe Rangers’ equipment broke the silence. On they rode in single file as the walls around them narrowed, closing in on what Collins assured them was a navigable fissure in the enveloping rock.

           “We’d better fill our canteens atthe stream,” Collins suggested. “Don’t know when we’ll have another chance.”

           The Rangers mumbled assent. The brutal heat made a full canteen a valuable commodity. The Rangers dismounted next to the stream, which flowed out of a cave and wandered a short distance along the rock wall before disappearing underground.

           Their canteens replenished, Captain Reid ordered them to remount. He took the lead, their objective obvious in the distance where the canyon walls narrowed to the point of a V. Collins fussed with the saddle of his horse and allowed them to go on ahead.

           One minute later, all hell broke loose.


“Excellent retelling of the Lone Ranger's origin. Quite graphic violence in places, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable read.” —Reviewed in the United Kingdom

“If you’re a fan of the old Lone Ranger TV show with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, you will love this book. It captures the TV origin faithfully and adds more detail, making it even better. Great book! —Michael Caldwell

“I have read a number of retellings of the story of The Lone Ranger and this particular book ranks among the best.” —Orion999

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is really very well written. I have been a Lone Ranger fan since the fifties. This is not just a retelling of the familiar origin story, but it adds a new perspective in that Butch Cavendish now has a "family" which seeks out revenge against the Lone Ranger. There are many substantive back stories, culminating in a great climax. As a diehard fan of the Ranger from TV, radio, Fran Striker novels and the various comic forms, I believe this is a great way to keep the legacy alive. I really hope this is the first of many from John's pen, and I applaud him for his vivid and respectful handling of the legendary Masked Rider of the Plains!” —Fran McNamara

“There are several episodic stories woven into the overall arc of bringing the Cavendish gang to justice, and I think that was a great way to capture the essence of the Lone Ranger series. This is what the 2013 movie should have been. I hope there will be more books to follow. With this author at the helm, the Lone Ranger and Tonto are definitely in good hands.” —Eric Troup

“This is a terrific Western saga with the iconic heroic western hero and his faithful Indian companion fighting for truth and justice. The Lone Ranger would rather bring the outlaws to justice alive rather than dead to face a court of law. John Paulits has developed a character of trustfulness, substance, endurance, and intelligence with true leadership characteristics.” —Steve Ware “A fine addition to The Lone Ranger canon of stories. True to the original saga, written in Striker-esque style, many "nods" to various Lone Ranger print and film character elements. Any very slight variations to the original saga are plausible and welcome.” —Captain Flynn


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