Hobson's Planet


When Culp arrives on the Hobson’s Planet, he steps into a whirlwind of controversy and political upheaval. Against his will, Culp finds himself the designated savior to another planet. Having failed on Earth, he wants no part of another such quest. Now he must decide where his duty and his heart lie.

As Culp gazed from the window, McGarrity’s voice cut in.    

"This planet cannot be left in the hands of Maxwell Andrews. There is no alternative to him other than you."    

"Sean, I gave that all up when I came here. You and I have other responsibilities."    

"Dammit, Culp. Those responsibilities amount to nothing now. We can’t go home. Not until all of this is settled one way or another. Andrews is going to start an out-and-out war on the planet, if he hasn’t started it already."    

Culp had no answer. He did not want to take the burden of a second planet onto his shoulders.    

"I don’t think you understand—" Culp began.    

McGarrity rose to his feet. "I’ve not known you long, Senator, but, by God, I feel I know you well."    

Culp detected McGarrity’s right hand trembling as he held it at his side.    

"I cannot believe that you, in your heart, don’t want to defend us. All of us. Those of us you know and all the inhabitants of this planet you don’t know. You’ve stood up to Andrews. You’ve stood up to this Bahador Gurkha. The people of Hobson’s know you. If you force them to depend on Andrews, this planet will go up in a horrible blaze of fire. Everything we have, gone. Everything we’ve dreamed about, impossible to get."    

"Sean, I—" Culp was becoming alarmed at McGarrity’s passion. But McGarrity would not allow an interruption.    

"You must do it to save Annie. To save Cindy. To save all of us. It has to be you."    

"Do, do, do what?        

What is this magic power you think I have. What can I do?"    

"You can lead. People will listen to you. It cannot be Andrews. It must be you. I cannot... I cannot respect you if you do not do this." McGarrity looked right at him, and his words struck Culp like a rator shot.


This thought provoking sci fi novel demonstrates how someone with natural leadership skills will usually rise to the top in most any scenario. Culp Robinson wins the US presidential election; however, his victory is stolen from him. When he protests, he finds himself thrown into prison. Three years later he is offered an alternative to prison; an 18 month trip to Hobson’s Planet. Once on Hobson's Planet, he wants only to find his ex-wife and daughter, who have preceded him. However, he is headed for a loftier position as the reluctant head of a revolution against an alien race.

This book has everything: frontier life and culture, politics, alien wars and revolutions, sex with an exotic alien female, super ray gun weapons, and people fighting for their political and economic freedom. The story’s pace will yank you through it.


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