To Prove a Villain  Volume 3  The Shakespeare Murders


When Mark Louis investigates the hit-and-run death of the brother of Kristy King, his live-in lover and colleague in their downtown, NYC acting troupe, it unexpectedly puts a fatal strain on their relationship. Kristy insists the death was an accident; Mark isn’t certain that’s true. The deeper he digs into the incident, the more he learns of Kristy’s background and the wider the gulf between them grows. Kristy’s mom gets involved and the problem only deepens. Mark’s suspicions prove to be accurate, and the price for his discovering the murderer, is a secret he needs to keep locked in his soul and which he will have to take to his grave.

           Mark glanced over and saw Kristy’s eyes filling. “We’re at the edge of town,” he said. “Not far now, I presume.”

            “Yes, almost there.”

           A moment later Kristy directed him into the driveway of a large, older home, complete with white siding and happy looking yellow shutters. Three cars lined the long driveway, and others filled the street in front of the house.

           “Oh, Mark, I’m frightened. Why are so many cars here?”

           “Don’t be upset,” said Mark, leaving the car and walking around to help Kristy. She got out on her own, though, and Mark followed her along the pebbled pathway to the side of the house. A woman in her early fifties with long black hair streaked with gray opened the door. She dressed stylishly in a deep blue skirt, white blouse, and dark blue high-heeled shoes.

           “Oh, Mom,” cried Kristy.

           Mark followed Kristy into a large kitchen and stood aside as mother and daughter embraced. Kristy’s mom had an even more pronounced mix of blood than her daughter. Certainly Asian. Mrs. King took her daughter by the shoulders and moved her back.

           “We’ve lost him, Kristy, darling. We’ve lost him. He’s gone.”

           Kristy burst into sobs, and her mother embraced her again. Mark retreated further and leaned against the kitchen counter but right away he felt his posture disrespectful. He stood up straight, hands clasped in front of him, and waited.


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