The Lone Ranger Rides Again


The masked man and his loyal sidekick are in pursuit of two bank robbers when a murder occurs that they believe could be connected to the men they're after. In the victim's last words, he mentions something about a black star, and hints that it has to do with the cause of his death.
The Ranger and Tonto's investigation leads them to a town where people are forced to make a monthly purchase of a card bearing a black star on it, and any who don't are in danger. While still tracking the bank robbers, the duo aims to reveal the elusive identity of whoever is behind the black star before any more innocent people get hurt.
Ride along with our heroes as they find out what became of a missing treasure stolen from a church twenty years ago, assist an aging gunslinger whose nemesis has returned to lure him back into his old ways, and help a local sheriff solve a mystery behind the sudden shooting of a ranch owner.
In his second portrayal of a timeless character, John Paulits delivers a classic western adventure as the saga of The Lone Ranger continues!

Suddenly, the sound of three gunshots faintly penetratedthe walls of the mission.

The padre leaped from his chair. “My heavens!” he gasped.

“Stay here, Padre!” the Ranger cried. “We’ll be back.” Heand Tonto raced to their mounts and sprang into the saddles.

“Shots come from that way,” Tonto said,pointing.

“Ride, Silver! Let’s go, big fellow!”

“Getum up, Scout!”

The two horses raced across the grassy plain, veeringslightly to the right when an additional gunshot broke the silence.

They rode on a moment longer before Tonto called, “Me see man on ground, there.”Both men dismounted and ran ahead.

“You heard my shot. I need help. I’m wounded,” wheezed theinjured man, who looked to be about fifty years old. As the Ranger and Tontobent over him, the man’s eyes widened at the sight of the Lone Ranger’s mask.

“Don’t let my mask alarm you. We’re to help you,” theRanger assured him. “Who did this to you?”

The man tried to get an elbow under himself and rise buthadn’t the strength. The little he raised himself before he collapsed, though,showed the Ranger a pool of blood soaking into the ground. The weakening manbegan to cough. “Steady, steady,” the Ranger said.

“Me get canteen,” Tonto said.

“Who did this to you?” the Ranger repeated. “The blackstar…” he began but another fit of coughing interrupted him.

The Ranger lifted the man’s head, and Tonto put the canteento his lips. Water dribbled down the man’s chin, and he got a strange, farawaylook in his eyes. “I found out…black star…black…is…” His head rolled to theside.

“Who did this to you? Who did this to you?” The Rangerlowered the man’s head to the ground and felt for a heartbeat.

“Him dead?”

“Yes, we’ve lost him.”

“What him mean? Black star.”

“I don’t know. He said he found out something, but blackstar means nothing to me.”

“Maybe padre know.”

“We’ll take the body to the mission and ask him. I’ll get the man’s horse, and we can put him across the saddle.”


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