The Revenge of the Critches


Things did not stay peaceful long in Shumbus after Paul and Billy’s summer adventure there. The Critches are out for revenge. The Golden Mushroom is in danger and so is the very city where the Shumians have lived forever. With Jess Hubbard planning to help the Critches, they are sure to succeed unless Paul, Billy, and Argo can come up with something fast!

When only a short distance remained between the trees and the front of the Shumian line, a loud voice from the rear rang out.

"Oh, no. Look! Look back toward the city. The Meglars are loose.”

Those who chose to look saw tiny dots moving gently high in the sky. More dots joined them.

The front of the Shumian line entered the forest, and the people started to spread out looking for safe, comfortable spots.

Another voice shouted, “They’re coming this way.” The Shumians turned back and saw the dots in the sky growing larger, drawing nearer. The end of the line broke apart as Shumians ran every which way toward the forest, no one wanting to be in the open when the Meglars arrived. The birds’ keen eyesight caught the movement of the panicking, scurrying Shumians, and they soared through the sky toward them.

“Argo,” Billy cried. “The Meglars are getting closer. Not everyone is going to make it into the forest in time.”

The dots in the sky were no longer dots but distinct, angry birds. The Meglars beat their powerful wings and closed in.


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