The Planet Zoron Paperback Trilogy


Planet Zoron

While sitting at his bedroom window staring at the moon, a burst of green light whisks Mark Foy away to Planet Zoron, where Prince Zincor and Princess Zayla need Mark’s help to regain the prince’s throne from Blaylock and Fentar, two evil councilors to his late father.

Rescue from Zoron

Mark Foy has returned home from his surprising trip to Planet Zoron. Prince Zincor’s throne is safe. But is it? Who shows up but Zincor’s Uncle Blaylock, still determined to take over Zincor’s throne, and his partner, the evil scientific genius Fentar? They’ve been mistakenly transported to Mark’s very neighborhood by the Tappa Ray and now have Mark in their sights, certain he knows something they don’t—the way back to Zoron. Blaylock’s quest for Prince Zincor’s throne is not over!

Return to Zoron

Mark Foy is summoned back to Zoron by Princess Zayla, bored at being left alone as her brother goes off adventuring. She doesn’t realize they are in for a frightening adventure set off by the reappearance of Blaylock, the evil uncle, and Fentar, the evil genius sidekick. Will Prince Zincor’s return be enough to rescue them, or will he, too, fall under Blaylock’s control?


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