Philip Gets Even


This is the fun and dramatic story of Philip and Emery trying to deal with a sixth grade bully. The story begins with an art competition that Phillip and Emery enter. The bully, Johnny Visco, also enters a piece in the competition. What ensues at the awards ceremony sets off a very comical tale of how Philip and Emery, with help from a very unlikely source, teach Johnny Visco that victory does not always go to the tough and mean.

“Sir, I don’t want the painting explained,” Tracy said in a loud voice. “I want the M & Ms explained.”    

Mr. Conway gave her a look.    

“Explain M & Ms? Silliest thing I ever heard of.” He shrugged. “Well, you take a little chocolate and cover it with this colored candy. Print an ‘M’ on it and, Bingo! M & Ms. Melt’s in your mouth, not in your hand.” He threw a handful of M & Ms into his mouth and held up a clean hand before Tracy’s eyes.    

Tracy stared at him, her eyes and mouth gaping.    

Now, the two adults who’d come with Johnny Visco began demanding an explanation. Mr. Conway talked on about Everyday Things. Philip and Emery tried to explain their mistake. The rest of the crowd began talking among themselves, explaining what they thought had happened. Some people in the back began to laugh. And above it all Johnny Visco cried over and over that the old buzzard was still eating M & Ms and Tracy better do something. When he couldn’t get the attention he wanted from Tracy, who was trying to get the room quiet, pay attention to the boys’ explanations, and ignore Mr. Conway’s continuing discussion of Everyday Things, he grabbed what some M & Ms from the bowl and threw them at her.    

“Please, now. Stop that,” Tracy cried, shaking a red M & M from her hair. “Can we all simply return to the main room? Please. Everyone back to the main room. Please!”    

Slowly and noisily the people started moving. On his way out Mr. Conway went over to the blue bowl and scooped out the remaining M & Ms and shoved them into his jacket pocket. As he passed Johnny Visco, the boy looked at him and screamed, “Put them back, you old buzzard.” Mr. Conway nodded his head politely at the boy and kept on going.    

By the time everything was sorted out, the competition was cancelled; Philip and Emery were in disgrace; and Johnny Visco was angry.


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