Philip and the Thief


After Philip solves a few neighborhood mysteries, he decides to open a detective agency with his best pal Emery. Their classmate Jason starts making fun of their efforts, though, and being a detective suddenly isn’t so much fun. But soon Jason is accused of stealing money from the teacher, and Emery encourages Philip to solve the case and get Jason thrown out of their class. Philip sets to work and shocks the class when he reveals the solution to the mystery.

“Somebody will tell on him,” said Emery.    

“Him, who?”    

“Himwho? Who’s Himwho?”    

“Who’s him who? What do you mean ‘who’s him who?’ What are you talking about? Him who’s him, the culprit.”    

“Himwho’s the culprit who took the money? We don’t have any Himwho in the class.”    

“I never said anybody named Himwho took any money. You said somebody would tell on him and I said him who?”    

“There, you said it again. There’s no Himwho in the class. Who are you talking about?”    

Philip gritted his teeth then spoke slowly.    

“Emery. You said somebody would tell on him. Did you say that?”    

“Yeah, and somebody will tell on him.”    

Philip’s voice rose. “There are two hims. Tyler and Jason. You didn’t say which him you meant when you said somebody would tell on him and I asked you him…” Philip paused. “…who? Which him did you mean when you said somebody would tell on him? Him who?””    

“Ohhhh.” Emery laughed. “I thought you meant a third person—like Billy Himwho.”    

“Billy Himwho! Who’s Billy Himwho?” Philip’s voice rose in exasperation.    

“He’s nobody.”    

“How could nobody take the money?” Philip’s voice rose higher.    

“Nobody couldn’t take the money. Somebody had to take it. I just made up the name Billy Himwho like I thought you meant we had a boy in class I never heard of who took the money.”    

Philip threw his hands into the air. “How could there be someone in our class you never heard of?”    

Emery’s mom’s voice came up the stairs. “Stop that shouting.”    

Philip pulled in a deep breath.    

“Somebody will tell on Jason or on Tyler you said. Who did you mean?”    

“That’s what I meant. Somebody will tell on Jason or Tyler.”    

Philip narrowed his eyes and squinted fiercely at Emery.    

“Jason probably.    

“So why didn’t you just say so?”    

“I did. I said….”    

“Please, never mind.” Philip rolled his eyes. Emery had the makings of a great detective.


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