Philip and the Monsters


Could the Frankenstein monster, Dracula and the Wolfman actually move into someone’s respectable neighborhood? Philip and his best friend Emery are convinced it has happened when a suspicious new family moves in down the block. The boys have seen the vampire bat; they’ve heard the werewolf’s growl; they’ve witnessed the coffin delivery to the house. When Emery’s mother invites the new family to dinner, Philip and Emery have no choice but to prepare for the worst.

Philip knocked on Emery’s closed bedroom door.    

“No,” came Emery’s voice in a shout. “No, I’m not coming out. I’m staying right here, and I’m not coming out until tomorrow, and you can’t make me. No, no, no.”    

Philip opened the door slightly. “Emery?”    

“No, I said I’m...Philip? What are you doing here?”    

“I was having lunch when my mom said we’re eating here tonight with…”    

“I know. I know. Lawrence Talbot is coming here. With his family. They’ll all be here; him, Dracula, and baby Frankenstein.”    

“Isn’t his family a wife and a little girl?”    

“Who knows? Maybe they’re his family during the day before the moon comes up, but what about after? Who are they then? I’m not leaving my room. N-O!”    

“Maybe it’ll be all right if our moms and dads are there.”    

“What difference will that make? Are moms and dads stronger than the power of the full moon? Can moms and dads keep you from having your blood sucked right out of you? Larry Talbot is coming here for a reason, and I’m the reason.”    

“What do you mean you’re the reason? Why’s your hand under the pillow?”    

Emery withdrew the hidden hand and thrust it at Philip as if he were a prince and expected Philip to kiss it. After two seconds of confusion, Philip saw what Emery wanted him to see. There on the back of Emery’s left hand was a five-pointed star. A pentagram!    

“I’m going to be the werewolf’s next victim,” said Emery.


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