Philip and the Girl Who Couldn’t Lose


Philip runs into Jeanne, a new girl in the neighborhood, who defeats him at every game they play. Philip enlists his best pal Emery to help him, but even when they join forces, they lose to Jeanne. In his frustration, Philip foolishly assures Jeanne that he will win the poster contest being run at the mall. She laughs off his challenge, certain first prize will be hers. Philip cannot allow himself to lose again to this girl, but how in the world will he ever defeat The Girl Who Couldn’t Lose?

"I'm going to enter the contest," said Jeanne.  "Are you?"

Philip made believe he was reading the announcement for the first time.  He shrugged his shoulders.  "Sure.  It sounds easy."  

Jeanne smiled.  "I already have a good idea. I can't tell you what it is, though."

"I don't care about your idea.  I have my own idea.  Who needs yours?"

"You got an idea so fast?  What is it?"

"Oh, no.  You didn't tell me yours.  I'm not going to tell you mine.  You might steal it and win first prize."

"Your idea is going to win first prize?" said Jeanne in disbelief.  "Yeah, like you and Emily were going to score a touchdown.  I'll bet my idea is way better than your idea."

"No way," said Philip, feeling anger creep over him.  "And his name is Emery."

"Whatever."  Jeanne smirked confidently at Philip.  "Hey, I'll bet you my poster is better than yours."

"You'll lose.  My poster will be a genius poster."

"Right, like you're a genius football player."

Philip thought of how Jeanne sent him flying through the air and glared at her.  "What do you want to bet?"

"Bet," Jeanne scoffed.  "You don't have anything to bet."

"You said you'd bet.  Now you're scared to."

"Scared?  Of you?  Ha!"

Philip blurted out his challenge.  "I'll bet you five candy bars, any kind."

Jeanne considered.  "Five candy bars?  Yeah, I can bet you five candy bars.  And you better pay off because I'm going tell people at school about the bet."  Jeanne turned and walked into the shoe store to join her mother.

Philip stood still, shocked at what he'd done. He'd made a bet with the girl who couldn't lose.


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