Philip and the Fortune Teller


Philip and Emery are granted three wishes by a gypsy from the circus sideshow, but to get these wishes, they must perform a chore for the gypsy. They must recover some jewels, including a magical scarab, from a dangerous location. They undertake the chore, but soon regret their decision. Disaster looms. Yet, if they can set things right quickly, all will be well. But the police are on their trail!

They hurried toward Lighthouse Field but slowed down considerably once they entered the grounds.

“Wow!” said Philip. “Everybody’s so busy. Is that the guy?”

“Him? Does he look like a gypsy to you?”

“He looks like something.”

“He’s an Egypt guy, a pharaoh. See the snake thingie on his head piece? Don’t you remember? We saw pictures of them in school this year.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember. I like Isis.”

“Nothing’s open yet. You can’t get any.”

Philip stopped walking. “I can’t get any what?”

“Ices. I like mango.”

“You like mango what?”

“Mango ices.”

“What are you talking about? Who’s mango Isis? They don’t have mangos in Egypt.”

“Whose mango ices?  Anybody’s.  And what’s Egypt have to do with mango ices?”

Philip’s voice rose. “There’s no mango Isis or banana Isis or apple Isis. There’s just Isis.”

“There’s mango and banana. I’ve had them. They’re good. Especially when it’s hot out. I don’t think there’s apple, though.”

“Argh!” Philip howled. “Let’s start over. The Egypt guy. I said Isis. I didn’t say ices.”

Emery stared at his friend. “Can you say that again?”

Philip scrooched his mouth together hard, trying to be patient. “I said, I said Isis. I didn’t say ices.”

“You said ices, but you didn’t say ices?”

“Right. Now you got it.”

“I got it? I don’t even know what I’m talking about. Are you feeling all right?”

Philip’s voice rose. “We studied Egypt, and we studied Isis. She’s like a goddess or something.”

“Ohhhh. Isis. You said Isis. I thought you said ices.”

Philip nearly screamed. “I did say Isis!”

“I thought you mean ices, like cold stuff in a cup. Mango, remember?”

Philip threw his hands to his head. “Why would I be talking about an Egypt guy and mango ices at the same time?”

Emery shrugged. “Yeah, I thought you were talking kind of weird.”

“I was talking weird? You were listening weird.”


Phillip and Emery are best friends and share everything. Emery receives an offer of three wishes that he is unable to refuse, and needs Phillip's help to earn. What is a little breaking and entering among friends? The Gypsy and Egyptian need to get the missing jewels back and are not above using pre-teens to get the job done. Unknowingly, they selected two boys who are smarter than the average pre-teen. Phillip and Emery are willing to help out for a price, but soon find the price they will pay may be too high. With a different point of view, will Phillip and Emery make the right choice? Come along for an adventure to entertain the child at heart. I loved the integral relationships between the best friends and the neighborhood at large. The story is entertaining and the lesson behind the story is important for children to learn. The entertaining mystery of the Pharaoh, Gypsy, Egyptian and the missing jewels provide an exciting world to visit.


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