Philip and the Case of Mistaken Identity + Philip and the Baby


Philip and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Philip and his best friend Emery, detectives on the trail, try to cope with a mystifying little girl who runs them a merry chase.

Philip and the Baby

Philip resents the fact that a new baby is coming into his house. Will anything get Philip to love and accept his new baby sister before he drives his parents crazy with his behavior?

Philip and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Philip snapped his fingers. “Let’s call on the phone."

"But we don’t have her phone number."

"What’s the grandmother’s name?"

"My mother called her Mrs. Dykans.

Philip ran to the hall closet and returned with a big phone directory. He riffled through the pages. “No luck. There’s no D-i-k-a-n-s."

"Y,” said Emery.

"I don’t know. There just is none. I looked. You want to look?"

"No, no. ‘Y’,” Emery repeated.

Emery was making his stomach clench up again. Philip raised his voice. “Because it’s not there. They didn’t print it. Maybe she doesn’t have a phone."

"Y, Y, Y,” Emery insisted. Philip banged his hand on top of the page he had searched. "I don't know why. It's not here, that's all. There's no Dikans. Are you deaf or what?

Emery shook his head and took the directory. He turned forward a few pages and said, “243-6885."

Philip and the Baby

We have a surprise for you."

"Can I see it, Daddy?"

His father laughed. "You’ll have to wait until September to see it, Flipper.

Hmmm, thought Philip. It sounded like a riddle. This was May. September was when school started again. That was a long way off.

"You tell him," his mother said to his father.

"Flip Flip. Good news. In early September we are going to get another member in our family."

Philip thought a moment, then asked slowly. "Are you getting me a dog?"

His parents laughed. Philip didn’t laugh. He was beginning to get the picture.

"It will be even better than a dog," his father said. "Mommy is going to have a baby. You’re going to have a baby brother or sister. Isn’t that great?"

Philip screamed, turned, and ran upstairs to his room.


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