Philip and Emery Paperback Volume 3


Philip and the Sneaky Trashmen

When clumsy Leon helps Philip clean his room, it begins a wild adventure for Philip and Emery, complete with missing jewelry, stolen pants, a crazy aunt, and secret trips to the police station.

Philip and the Mummy

When a mummy walks into a birthday party calling Leon's name, and a valuable scarab goes missing, Philip and Emery have to get Leon out of a world of trouble.

Philip and the Dragon

Will Philip and Emery come up with a report to satisfy the demands of the most difficult assignment their teacher has ever given them? They might if only they can make a new friend and travel to New York City besides.

Philip and the Miserable Christmas

Philip's young cousin Francis comes to stay for a few days over Christmas and turns the holiday into a disaster area. Can anything bring back the joy of the day for Philip?


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