Philip and Emery Paperback Volume 2


Philip and the Superstition Kid‍

Philip and Emery don't know what to do about Emery's monumentally clumsy cousin Leon, who is visiting for a week and who brings bad luck with him wherever he goes. Can they convince Leon to go home before his bad luck brings total disaster to their lives?

Philip and the Loser

Can Philip and Emery keep their promise to raise money at a neighbor's charity fair, or will Emery's monumentally unlucky cousin Leon prove their undoing when he decides to help out?

Philip and the Thief

Philip cracks the case of the teacher's stolen money and shocks everyone, including Jason, the suspected thief, with the solution.

Philip and the Girl Who Couldn't Lose

Philip assures Jeanne, a girl who has bested him at every turn, that he will win the poster contest being run at the mall, but how will he ever defeat The Girl Who Couldn't Lose?

Philip and the Angel

Philip is determined to get a pet of his own, but even with the help of a neighborhood Angel, comedy and calamity meet Philip head-on.


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